Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Postcrossing...Be a Member

This is my Postcrossing profile. I was a member for 824 days already and I have received 52 postcards and sent 52 postcards also from all over the country. Explore and be a member! 

My name is Special, but you can call me SP. I am a biology graduate, a college professor and a laboratory analyst. 

I am a collector since I was young...I collect stamps, coins and bills from other countries, postcards, stickers, stationeries and key chains..

I also like to collect shoes, bags and good books (classics, medical thrillers, sci fiction). 

Do not hesitate to tell me what postcard you want from the Philippines, because I will really send you one. I will be very happy to exchange postcards from people in other countries...and of course, make friends!
I like postcards that tell something about your could be a celebration, a national symbol, a scenic spot or anything nice that you are proud of..

But most of all, I like a postcard that is about diving, under the sea views, colleges & universities, fashion, endangered or extinct plants & animals in your country and anything cartoons, especially Moomin cards from Finland.

Private swaps are welcome!!! =)

Happy Postcrossing!!! =)

Singapore Pal

I have already written my first letter to my pen pal. Her name is Natasha Choo and she is from Singapore. She is 27 years old. I found her pen pal ad in a friendship group in and in a friend’s friendship book. I am hoping that our friendship will last and that she will write me back soon! I cannot wait to hear from her. Here is my letter. 

(Note: Complete home addresses were erased to protect privacy.)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Into Pen Pals


I have been into pen pals and letter writing since I was 10 years old. Writing is such a hobby that lets out the best in me. I want to write and I won't stop. In as much as I want to write and send letters all the time, there are instances that I cannot. For instance, my overseas experience and exploration hinders me from continuing my hobby. Since I am back here in the Philippines, I am also back to business.

I hope this time I can write and continue exchanging letters to friends for a long time, not just after 3 or 4 letters. Just like what I really wanted, I want to have a lasting friendship and one day I will be able to see my pen friend.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Hobbies

My hobbies include colleting stamps, stickers, postcards, stationeries, coins, banknotes and key chains...of course, they should be from other countries. I have a lot of postcards now, as well as other stuff mentioned above. A friend once asked me this, “So what do you do then if you have hundreds and hundreds of sacks of postcards and your other collections?” I was also wondering what will I do after if I have loads of stuff, but as of now, I don’t care...I love my collections and I love what I’m doing. Maybe one day I can use these to help the needy by selling it since in the future, these will be “vintage or hard-to-find” designs, or my daughter can use it in school or donate it in the museum perhaps. As of the moment, I like to collect and swap to add up my collections.

I have certain criteria for my collections. I like to collect postcards with the following themes – underwater, diving, cartoons, fashion, traditional or national clothes/costumes, schools or universities and endangered species of animals and plants. For stickers, stationeries, key chains, I like to collect those with cute designs. For stamps, coins and banknotes, any will do as long as they are from other country.

Well, another thing that makes me busy but productive is having a lot of pen pals. Since I was 10 years old, I started to have lots of pen pals from the Philippines (locally) and from other countries. I enjoy writing so much and learn new cultures and understand people (their English, their handwriting, etc.) Through pen palling also, I tend to increase my collections by swapping with them. Having pen pals increase the number of your friends and makes the world smaller. I always feel I have someone I know in many parts of the world.

For a pen pal, gender is not an issue but I want my pal to be 2 years older or younger than me. This is not bias or whatever, I just want to have friend my age so that we can understand each other most. I don’t care about religion as long as he/she will not write about witchcraft or cult or terrorism. The most important “criteria” that I want in a pen pal is that he/she will send me a letter that is handwritten. I really don’t like typed or computerized letters...sorry.

If I will be rich, I promised myself to have at least one pen pal from all the countries of the world.